Digital printing line

This printing system is revealed as the most efficient ally for covering the needs of small businesses thanks to its versatility and capacity to print with a quality similar to that of the offset and for a very low price per page for leaflets and posters, independently of production. It allows maximum freedom when creating documents, as it does not place any limits on imagination or with regards to the quality of ink used in the design or in relation to the number or complexity of the images and backgrounds contained in the material.

The personalized digital printing is a system destined to revolutionize printing as we know it currently. It consists of a clean technology that, among other advantages, lowers printing costs as it sends the designs from the computer directly to the printer without the need for print layouts or plates.

The printing station has eight cylinders for management of basic colors: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. These cylinders, as they face each other, can print simultaneously on both sides of the document previously sent from the computer.

Artes Gráficas del Atlántico added this printing system to its traditional production lines in April of 1999, thus offering an alternative to the traditional offset for groups that saw an unavoidable obstacle in edition due to the costs that it represented.

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